Scalping with Expert Advisor

Today most practice forex trading strategy is scalping it’s easy way to make pips in short time. In scalping we take few pips on each trade like this we need to open and close many traders in short time. Mostly traders take 3 to 7 pips per trade to take less then 3 not easy mostly broker allow like this strategy. If we talk about time frames then M1 is beat for scalping but m15 is not bad for it. Here i want to tell you about brokers policy about scalping. In forex market mostly brokers not like scalping that’s why they make stick rules about it. That’s why if you want to scalping then first of all you need to find best broker for it fast. These days Hot Forex, FXCM, Easy Forex and Exness are good and fair choice.

After picking right broker now it’s time to choice time frame and pair in my start i already write mostly traders like TF 1M and 15M. Now let decide right pair you can do scalping on all pairs but best choice is eur/usd. GBP/USD, usd/cad and eurchf are also good choice.

Timing is main key to win pips after closing London session best timing start and it end before open again London session. Please don’t copy any other trader strategy create your own strategy like this you can get much good result. For create successful trading strategy you need to give much time forex market. Keep your eyes on market chart and also on news time. By Forex Factory it make easy for everyone to see news time when ever anyone want to see.

Now open your trade to make some profit now don’t tell me you are again do big loose. If you not doing manual trade then for why are you waiting go and use robot for it. Please don’t your and my time use robot now there are many good expert advisors in market for it. Use EA for scalping for it and become happy life for ever. Just Turn on your scalper ea 2014 and go your bed to take nice dreams. In morning when open VPS you will happy to see scalper expert advisor 2014 result line of great result this is not magic my friend it’s realty just start think about it from today. Yes it can possible in your life if you start trading for today till you become die.