Automated Trading System

Today life is so fast mostly traders have no time to set on a their trading desk 24 hours. Now Forex market open 24/5 it’s not possible any trader to give such time to Forex. Now world become a global village by internet trader can connect 24/5 with Forex market by time to time different countries market open and close these time difference you explain by session there are four main trading session Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. Every session open for nine hours as you know Sydney open first on Monday after few hours Tokyo become online then London and at the last New York.

Every session put their impact on market. In my think when London and New York both become online is most important mostly traders doing trading world news also impact in this time. You need to understand that different to become a good trader. Now this is clear that no traders is able to give 24/5 to trading. Second most important thing today mostly trader have no good strategy to make good profit. Daily many to them contact me about it they already get much loss on Forex. They have no money left to eat any ting it’s hard to me to hear this really.

On only one question coming in our mind how ca we solve this problem for this i have only have one best option. Why we are not using Automated trading system for this? Now software can handle many things of our life. In Forex market we know then about names of EAExpert Advisor and Robot.

Expert advisor is like a software who doing auto trading. EA is stand for expert advisor it’s become short work. In MetaTrader you can use it easily you just need to attach with any pair chart like indicators. A indicator give you just analysis it’s your option to open trade or not but a EA(expert advisor) can open trade it’s self. Expert Advisor put take profit and stop loss it ‘s self EA also close any open trade it’s self. EA doing all things auto expert advisor no need any inputs of trader.

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If you have any good strategy then need to contact any programmer of MQL4. Programmer can convert your strategy into expert advisor. After complete your testing on demo account just put EA on real account. Like this you no need to give much time to Forex market. At the end of every mouth EA can give you good profit. Expert Advisor is now best option.