Advantages of the Forex Market

When we taking about making money by easy way then there is coming one word on our mind it’s only and only forex or foreign exchange. Forex market open 24/5 for trading by MetaTrader software where ever you are in the world. In past traders need to go bank for this now you need to just open MT4 for trading it’s easy, safe and fast for everyone. Today world is fast no one have time for waste internet online option make every easy for every one. In forex it’s also make good changes no need to go bank for trader to buy currency just open your trading account on any broker upload funds on it broker will give you trading account number, passwords and their server address. Now you just need to download platform MetaTrader 4 is best platform for using it’s too much friendly.

Many brokers open account even in 1$. You can open micro , cents, standard, ECN or STP account. In my thing ecn account is best choice. In standers account broker take pips on every trade open of sell and buy how they make money. If any trader open deal at the end it’s close on profit or loss broker take their pips broker are safe. On ECN broker take commission on every deal.

Before come in forex you need to understand about lots sizes method it’s too much important guys. Normally lot size 0.1 means one dollar per pip you are gain or loss on instaforex 0.01 lot size means 10 cents per pip. If you are new in forex or small trader micro account is best choice. leverage means loan which broker give you for open deal 1:500 mostly give my one friend told me last week exness offer 1:2000 leverage it’s new thing butt risky too. remember when any broker see you have not left enough funds they can close your open deal like this you can get huge loss beware about it traders.

For become good trader you need to do hard work in first 3 mouths practice on just demo.On demo all money are fake it’s just for practice which help you to understand. Demo is great option for beginners like this new one can understand strategy and methods of foreign exchange market . I also start form demo it’s long story if i get time i will write about it one day. please come on 12% on 10% .By good strategy make you profitable traders and you can earn lot of money which can become life easy. Today every person of this world dreams is money by trading you can get this goal. Now by smart phones you can trade on your bed.