Forex Trading Method

In my this article i will guide you about top forex trading methods. Top forex trading methods are scalping, shot time trading and log term trading. Scalping is most papular trading method i also like it too much. In scalping we take few pips on each trade mostly it will 3 to 7 pips. In scalping you need trade too much fast you not get time to put tale profit and stop loss that’s why many traders use Scalper EA(expert advisor)Scalper expert advisor is auto trading software you know software able to do too much fast work. I also use one Scalper EA for scalping let me say it’s best scalping expert advisor of 2013.

Scalper ea trading 18:00 to 08:00 GMT. Best pairs are eur/usd, eur/chf and cad/usd but it work on all pairs. Don’t use scalper exper advisor on news time or market is going on one side. Scalping expert advisor take take profit 3 and stop loss 0 scalper ea not use stop loss please use it right too get much good result. Beware many brokers not allow scalping fully please contact you broker before start scalping. 1 and 5 mint charts are best of meta trader 4.

Second most papular method is shot time 15 and 30 mints chart are best of mt4 take profit 30 to 50 pips and stop loss 30 to 50 pips. I trade manual of short time. Last method is long time best chart is 1 hour of MetaTrade 4 no any TP and SL limit. For long time trading you need wait long time mostly traders not like this. If you ask me about this method i also not like it. I have no like it and have not much time to wait i like fasting result.